Bioinspired Nanomaterials in Therapeutics

Session K- Bioinspired Nanomaterials in Therapeutics

  • Objectives :
    • Provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in development of nanomaterials (biological, organic, inorganic) towards therapeutics applications.
    • Achieve a multidisciplinary discussion platform to promote exchange among scientists from different research fields
    • Expose participants to new frontiers in the nano/therapeutics interface
  • Topics Covered :
    • Protein aggregates – oligomers, fibrils
    • Carbon nanomaterials
    • Bioinspired guest/host systems
    • Polymeric nanomaterials
    • Minimizing cytotoxicity in therapeutic nanomaterials
    • Nanomaterials/cell interactions and penetration
    • Nano-formulations
  • Session Chair : Raz Jelinek (Ben Gurion University, Israel)